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Mac Repairs

 T&S Solutions offer a full Mac Repair service. We have experience working with Macs as users so we know how they are built.

When your Mac breaks it can cost you a fortune to get it up and working again. We offer a full Mac repair service, from MacBook airs to Mac Pros we can fix any issues you are having.

We are alot cheaper than Apple and we use only official apple replacements parts.

Hard-drive Replacement/Upgrade Service

If your current hard drive has failed on your Apple Macbook or iMac computer, a new hard drive will restore functionality. We also reinstall your operating system and perform all critical updates.

apple harddrive replacement

Hard-drive Replacement
Includes a 500GB high-performance hard drive
Install OS X operating system + security updates
Clone your current OS and Files

MacBook Screen Replacement

Let us replace your cracked MacBook screen, fast. Our large stock and professional fitting make it easy to have your Macbook screen replaced.

macbook screen replacement

MacBook Screen Repair
MacBook screens held in stock

iMac Repairs

Data transfer and backup

iMac Repair
Identify files you want to move- photos, emails, music
Safely transfer files to your new Mac computer

Data privacy and security is always guaranteed